“Where can we pick up our certificate of ownership of the Red Sox?” “Ah victory is SWEET”

The Toronto Blue Jays have been on fire this weekend. They have shut out the Boston Red Sox in the last two days. With one more game against Boston on Sunday, Toronto is looking to complete a shut-out sweep.

Fans couldn’t be happier with the team’s performances this weekend so far. They have shown complete dominance over the Red Sox. This comes after the Blue Jays learned they clinched a Wild Card spot.

After their 9-0 victory on Friday night, Toronto followed it up with a 10-0 victory this afternoon. Over the past two games, the Toronto Blue Jays have outscored Boston 19-0. This is exactly what fans want to see from their team going into the final week of the regular season.

They had a season-high 21 hits in the last two days. The offensive surge is being led by Bo Bichette and Teoscar Hernandez. They combined for eight hits just today alone.

Fans believe that this team can carry this offensive hot streak into the postseason. While dismantling Boston, they have high hopes for this team heading into October.

“Where can we pick up our certificate of ownership of the Red Sox?” one fan asked.

@BlueJays Where can we pick up our certificate of ownership of the Red Sox?

“Ahhhh victory is SWEET” another fan cheered.

@BlueJays Congratulations guy’s good game well done πŸ˜€πŸ‘

@BlueJays That’s just great love that score I hope they can make it close to that tomorrow

@BlueJays Jays this season have outscored the Red Sox 119-52 this year.

Toronto Blue Jays fans are very aware of their dominance over the Red Sox. As a division opponent, this couldn’t be any sweeter for the fans.

The Toronto Blue Jays still have work to do before the postseason

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Red Sox v Blue Jays Saturday afternoon

While the Toronto Blue Jays have clinched a Wild Card spot for the postseason, their seeding is still undetermined. They have an 89-69 record going into Sunday. This gives them the top American League Wild Card spot.

They hold a 2.5 game lead over the Seattle Mariners and a 3.5 lead over the Tampa Bay Rays. Going into the final week of the regular season, the Blue Jays are looking to win the rest of the way and leave no doubt.

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Toronto closes out the weekend with one last game against the Red Sox. After that, they finish out the season with a three-game series against the Baltimore Orioles. Toronto needs every win they can get to stay ahead of Seattle and Tampa Bay.

Seattle closes out their series with the Athletics on Sunday and then finish the season against the Detroit Tigers. Tampa Bay has two games against the Astros, with one of those games being Saturday night. They then take on the Red Sox to close out the season.

Given their lead in the Wild Card, Toronto will need to take advantage of their next few games and secure their placement in the postseason.

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