South Jersey Mall History: Hamilton Mall

South Jersey Mall History: Hamilton Mall is an exploration of the history, architecture and culture that can be found in any mall—but more specifically, the iconic Hamilton Mall located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Not only does this article provide a look into the past of one of the most popular malls in South Jersey, it also sheds light on how malls have become an integral part of our lives when it comes to shopping, entertainment, and leisure. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane to discuss the history and evolution of one of our favorite South Jersey Malls.

The History of the Hamilton Mall

The Hamilton Mall is a shopping mall located in Mays Landing, New Jersey. It opened on October 1, 1968, making it the first enclosed shopping mall in South Jersey. The mall was developed by Aetna Realty and Investment Company and was originally anchored by JCPenney, Woolworth’s, and W.T. Grant.

The Hamilton Mall has undergone several expansions and renovations over the years. In 1971, an expansion added a two-story Sears store to the mall. In 1987, another expansion added a two-story Lord & Taylor store. In 1996, a complete renovation of the mall was undertaken which included the addition of a food court and new anchor stores Macy’s and Burlington Coat Factory. Another renovation took place in 2006 which added an H&M store to the mall.

The Hamilton Mall is currently owned and operated by Simon Property Group. It is anchored by Macy’s, JCPenney, Burlington Coat Factory, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and H&M. The mall features over 150 retail stores and restaurants.

The Stores in the Hamilton Mall

The Hamilton Mall is home to over 130 stores, making it one of the largest malls in South Jersey. The mall opened in 1981 with just 50 stores, but has since undergone multiple expansions to accommodate the growing number of shoppers.

Today, the Hamilton Mall features a wide variety of stores for everyone in the family. For the fashion-savvy shopper, there are stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe. For those looking for a more unique shopping experience, there are also local boutiques and shops like Salt & Soul and Little James Clothing Company. The Hamilton Mall also has a food court with a variety of dining options, as well as a handful of sit-down restaurants like Cheesecake Factory and Olive Garden. And for entertainment, the mall has an AMC movie theater and an arcade.

The Events at the Hamilton Mall

The Hamilton Mall was originally built in 1974 as an enclosed shopping mall. In its early years, the mall was home to two department stores – Sears and JCPenney – as well as a food court and a movie theater. However, by the early 2000s, the mall had begun to decline in popularity. In 2003, the Sears store closed its doors, followed by JCPenney in 2006. The food court and movie theater also closed around this time.

In 2007, the Hamilton Mall was purchased by PREIT, a real estate investment trust. PREIT redeveloped the mall, adding new stores and restaurants. The movie theater was reopened as an AMC multiplex, and a Dick’s Sporting Goods store opened in the former Sears space. Today, the Hamilton Mall is once again a popular destination for shoppers in South Jersey.

The Future of the Hamilton Mall

The future of the Hamilton Mall is uncertain. The mall has been in decline for years, and its current owner, Simon Property Group, has been trying to sell it since 2017. If a buyer can’t be found, the mall could be demolished and redeveloped into something else.

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Hamilton Mall has a long and storied history, one that began in the 1970s and continues to evolve today. From its early days as an anchor store mall to its current status as an entertainment destination for South Jersey residents, Hamilton Mall has been part of the local landscape for decades. With new stores opening up all the time, it’s sure to remain a popular spot for years to come. If you’re ever looking for something fun to do on weekends or evenings in South Jersey, why not check out what Hamilton Mall has to offer?

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