Run for Something’s 2023 Strategic Plan


We’re all familiar with the saying “run for something.” But what does that actually mean? For many people, it means putting in long hours at work and then running all the way to the finish line to claim first place. But for organizations, running for something can actually mean a lot more than just winning a race. It can mean setting measurable goals, developing a roadmap to get there, and holding yourself and your team accountable. If you want your organization to achieve its goals in the future, make sure you read through Run for Something’s 2023 strategic plan. You may be surprised by just how much has already been done and how much still needs to be done in order to reach their lofty ambitions.

Vision and Mission

Run for Something’s vision is to create a world where every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential. To do this, they believe that running is essential. Their mission is to inspire and empower people through running, while creating positive change in their communities.

Run for Something was founded in 2013 by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Reed, two Emmy Award-winning creators of the FX series “Adam Ruins Everything”. The organization grew out of their belief that by working together as a community, we can make a difference. They are currently focused on three core areas: Running for office, running for social change, and running together.

Running for office is one of Run for Something’s main areas of focus. They Believe that by electing more leaders who are passionate about running and investing in running infrastructure we can create real change in our communities. In 2018 they launched the Run For Something Candidates program which supports candidates who are dedicated to making a difference through running.

Running for social change is another key focus area for Run for Something. They work with local organizations across the United States to help them raise money and awareness through races and events. This allows these organizations to address important issues like poverty, climate change, gun reform, and more.

Lastly, Run for Something believes that if we can all start getting out there and running together it will have a huge impact on how we think about health and fitness as a whole.

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To encourage individuals and groups to get involved in the planning and execution of local community events, initiatives, and campaigns.

To provide resources for those who wish to get more involved in the civic life of their community.

To connect people with opportunities to get involved in their community.


  1. The overarching goal of Run for Something is to create a more inclusive and equitable society by supporting progressive candidates and issues.
  2. Specific goals of the organization include increasing turnout among young people and minorities, fighting voter suppression, and increasing access to quality education.
  3. In order to achieve these goals, Run for Something has developed a strategic plan that charts the organization’s progress over the next several years. This plan includes initiatives such as conducting outreach campaigns on college campuses, training young volunteers, and creating digital tools to support grassroots organizing.
  4. Run for Something believes that everyone can make a difference, which is why the organization offers resources such as training sessions, volunteer opportunities, and financial support to help people get involved in activism.


  1. Strategies

Strategic planning is a process that helps organizations identify their priorities, develop plans to achieve those priorities, and test and refine their plans. It can help an organization decide where to allocate its resources, which products to produce, and how to best communicate its messages.

There are several different types of strategic planning that an organization may want to use: market segmentation (determining who your target customers are), resource allocation (allocating the right mix of money and manpower), product development (choosing the right products to offer), marketing strategy (planning how you will reach your target market), and business strategy (setting long-term goals).

The key elements of any strategic plan are objectives, strategies, and actions. Objectives are the specific goals that an organization wants to achieve; strategies provide a path toward achieving those goals; and actions identify the specific steps that need to be taken in order to achieve them. Other important aspects of a good strategy include vision and mission statements, cost/benefit analysis, risk assessment, stakeholder analysis, and customer profile analysis.

It is important for an organization to constantly review its strategic plan in order to make sure that it is still relevant and effective. Strategic planning should be updated regularly so that it reflects changes in the marketplace environment as well as the company’s ownbusiness dynamics.


Running is one of the most magical and enjoyable activities that you can partake in. The act of running has the ability to change your life for the better, giving you a sense of purpose and allowing you to connect with nature in an unprecedented way. In order to keep this tradition alive and expand on it even further, Run for Something is relying on the community to help us make our 2023 strategic plan a reality. From donating money and resources to spreading awareness aboutRunning For Something, we want everyone who reads this article to get involved in helping us make our dream a reality.

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