Influence of Internet on the Learning of Children

The Internet has had a profound impact on the way that children learn. It has made it easier for them to access information and share ideas. It has also made it easier for them to communicate with each other.

The Internet has allowed children to learn about a wide range of topics. They can learn about the history of the world, the science of the world, and the arts. They can also learn about the adventures of different characters from mythology and literature.

Marcella tagand lear research on the influence of internet on children’s learning showed that when used appropriately, internet can be a great asset in children’s education. According to her research, access to technology like the internet can improve students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as expand their knowledge base. 

Revolutionize the Learning 

The marcelle tagand lear has revolutionized how people learn. Previously, learning was limited to what was available in the classroom or at home. The Internet has allowed people to learn from anywhere in the world.

The Internet’s impact on children’s learning has a significant impact extensively. The research shows that the Internet has had a positive effect on the teaching of children. The Internet has made it possible for children to learn from various sources. The Internet has also made it easier for children to access information.

Positive Impact on the Development

The research also shows that the Internet has had a positive impact on the development of children. The Internet has helped children to develop their critical thinking skills. The Internet has also helped children to develop their problem-solving skills.

When it comes to schooling for our children, we always want to ensure they get the best possible education. 

However, with the increasing use of technology, getting them to sit down and focus on a book or lesson can take a lot of work. Fortunately, there are many ways that the Internet can be used to help improve our children’s education.

Find Educational Websites?

The first thing we could do is find educational websites our children are interested in. For example, if our child is into dinosaurs, we could look for websites that discuss dinosaurs in more detail. Alternatively, we could find websites with quizzes or activities our child can do. This way, they will have something to do while they are learning and feel safe and energized.

Another way the Internet can improve our children’s education is by using technology to create short videos. We can easily show our children how to do something by creating short videos.

 For example, if we want our child to learn how to do a multiplication problem, we can create a short video explaining the problem. This way, our child will not have to remember how to do the multiplication problem; they will have to watch the video.

Emphasizes the Right Guidance

Marcella tagand lear emphasizes that, with the right guidance, the internet can be a powerful tool to help children learn and develop as individuals.

Lastly, we could use the Internet to find resources for our children. For example, we could find websites with lesson plans for different subjects. Alternatively, we could discover websites with videos or articles discussing various subjects. This way, our children can access the information they can use in their classes.

How the Internet can be used to hinder the learning of children?

The Internet can be an excellent tool for learning if it is correct. Unfortunately, the Internet can also be a hindrance to learning for children.

  • One of the ways the Internet can be a hindrance to learning for children is by distracting them from the classroom. Websites and apps popular with children often have flashy graphics and a lot of animation. It can be difficult for children to focus on their lessons when there are other distractions.
  • Another way the Internet can hinder children’s learning is by providing them with inaccurate information. There have been cases where children into believing false information online. For example, a child may believe eating blue cheese is bad for them. This is an example of inaccurate data, which can harm the child’s health.


Parents need to be aware of how the Internet can hinder their children’s learning. They should help their children limit the amount of time they spend on the Internet and ensure they are using the Internet safely.


In conclusion, the internet has changed the way children learn over the years. With the vast amounts of information, they can quickly accumulate knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. However, it is essential to understand that there is a potential risk involved with using this resource, as they may reveal inappropriate material that can hurt their mental ans somehow physical health.


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