French Fry Boxes: 5 Steps to Find the Best Ones on the Market

We all love our french fries, but it often seems like there’s not many ways to eat them. Aside from a burger or a sandwich, the possibilities are limited to dipping them in ketchup or mayonnaise. But don’t fret! The french fry boxes below will take you through a journey of the most innovative and tasty ways to enjoy your fries.

Step 1: Find out what type of fries you like

What should you get? Well, that’s up to personal preference, but if you need a quick primer on the types of fries available, here are just a few to start with.

Fries come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you like thick cut “french fries” or thinner shoestring frites, they can be cooked in different ways and seasoned with spices or herbs.

So how to choose?

Well, think about what you want out of a french fry box. Fries are a great accompaniment for burgers and dogs, but they also go great with more exotic food like Chinese or Indian. So if you’re looking for something that goes well with a wide variety of foods, get a french fry box that is versatile and can hold a number of different types of fries.

Step 2: Find out what kind of container will hold the fries

It may be surprising, but french fry containers are not all built the same. There are a number of different shapes and sizes depending on how you want to eat your fries.

For example, if you want them for a meal you’re taking home from a fast food place, an open container that can hold a few different types of fries could work. You might have to go through a few different options until you find one that will fit in your vehicle.

If you want something a little more substantial, you can also buy french fry box that close so they stay hot until you’re ready to eat them.

Whether they’re enclosed or not, there are still a few differences in the shape and size of french fry containers. Longer, round boxes can hold more fries than square and rectangular containers.

If you’re going for a more elaborate meal, you might also want to consider buying a container that can be refilled with different flavors of fries.

Step 3: Consider the price

French fry containers can range in price, but you don’t have to go out on a limb to find high quality products. Some of the larger brands are cheaper than others.

You can also try finding french fry boxes at local novelty shops or at places that sell bulk foods.

Step 4: Consider the product’s material

You want a product that will keep your fries warm and won’t break when you drop it. That’s why you should get something made with tough, heat-resistant plastic.

If you know that you like a certain kind of food, like sweet potato fries or curly fries, go for a container that specializes in holding those kinds of fries.

Step 5: Choose your color and style

Many french fry boxes wholesale are bright and colorful. These days there are so many choices out there that you can find french fry boxes with your favorite sports team’s colors, stars and stripes, or other markers of American patriotism.

You can also find more elegant options that are great for formal events like wedding receptions or charity fundraisers. Whatever you like will work!

Design the box with colors and designs:

How to design a french fry box is up to you. The easiest way is to find inspiration from a number of sources.
Have a color scheme in mind . There are some great ways to tie different colors together, whether you’re looking for similar hues or complementary contrasts.

If you’ve got a favorite sports team, look up the color scheme and choose something close so people will recognize the team by looking at your fries.

After you’ve got the colors down, you can also design the box to incorporate bits of your favorite team logo.

For more sophisticated options, use patterns and shapes that echo what’s inside the container. If you’re going for an elegant french fry box, consider using a calligraphy pen or card stock paper to etch out a complimentary design. For example, if your fries are curly fries, use a curly font that mimics the shape of the fries themselves.

The same ideas can be used for toppings:

Crunchy or soft? If you want to go with something that’s more unusual, consider using different textures. For example, if your favorite food is a burger topped with bacon and cheese, you could use a box that’s the opposite of classic french fries.

Another great way to add more interest is to use different colors for each small container inside the french fry box. For example, if your large container has two different kinds of fries in it and you want to show off the difference, you can use a red and blue theme to signify which flavors go with which fries.

Make your fries special:

Making sure that the box is shiny and clean will help draw attention to what’s inside. You can also add a custom name to the lid for more novelty and interest.

This is also a good place to add whatever you want to say about your fries. For parties, fundraising events and other celebrations, this is a great way to make everyone feel important.

You don’t have to copy from someone else if you want to make your french fry box unique.


If you want to present your french fries in a special way, then a french fry box can make all the difference. Whether you’re going for a formal dinner or tailgating at a local football game, there are plenty of options on the market to choose from.

The important thing is to get something that matches your personality, whether you want something simple or something more elaborate. If you want something plain, make it shine either with a clean shine or with some added color.

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